Tuesday, 26 May 2015

the god of dreams

the god of dreams
                  THE DREAM
Last night
The god of dreams visited my sleep---
He came not as the sasabonsam
Whose tongue bear
The flames that devour hope
He came not with a reef
He bore no faded petals in his hand

He came like the peaceful dove
His beak bore a bright rose

                 AT THE SHRINE
Today I have come to your shrine
To offer a tailed ram
A bottle of white man's gin
An asanka of mashed yams--dipped
In the blood of palmnuts---
With three yellow yoked eggs
The lips of atumpan shall
Burst thundering your appellations
I need you to come again
As you did yersterday
The name on the rose was blurry
In my sight
                ©Sarpong Kumankoma

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