Sunday, 26 July 2015


When you pray remember them . . .

None shall sprout
From their gonads
Sons and daughters
Yet all shall call them "Father"

They are the feet
Stuck in Christ's sandals
Leading flocks to pasture
In this wilderness of life

Pray that they get patient hearts
To mould sheep out of goats
To ply with them the narrow path
To where is found
Evergreen pastures

That they get ears
Wider than the open sky
That can swallow every sheep's cry and
The Mighty voice echoing from up high
But closed to the
Inviting tunes the world
Flutes behind them

When you pray remember them. . .

They have none
Coins or notes
Gold or gem
Though wealthy

That tirelessly
They carry the Word
On their tongue
And selflessly
Spread it on the path
To righteousness
For us to --with them

Pray for them
They too can stumble and fall
Pray that that they don't at all
Or if they do, they stand up tall

They too can stain their whites
Pray that they are always kept bright
Or if stained,
Washed clean again

Pray that their bones
Never run out of strength
That their lamps overflow with oil
And their hearts flame
Wilder with love
Love for God and for man

That they bear the cross
Until the blissful day
When Angels descend
Trumpeting triumphant tunes
To lead them home

© Sarpong Kumankoma

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