Sunday, 24 May 2015


•Today is a day of joy as the St Clare of Assisi Lectors group of the Sacred Heart Parish (at Penkwase, Sunyani) was inaugurated...... 


(To Kronkron Nyame)

My throat is full
With the debris of the world
My mouth smells of rot---
The excreta of deceit
My tongue is stained
Stained with the dirt of lies

Lord I've come to you on my knees
Hearken to my humble plea:

Today, I have made a choice
To offer you my voice
Let it be the vessel to carry
your water of life
To serve your thirsty flock

Fill my mouth with your breath
Of fire to ignite the souls
Of your people with your word

My tongue is yours, O' Otweduampon
Dress it in the bright garment of truth
To spread your light
On the path of your people

O Kronkron Nyame, Your word I shall proclaim
To the glory of your Holy name

©Sarpong Kumankoma


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