Saturday, 23 May 2015


That night
(To Eva Makola)

[after the hi]
As the moonless sky cast
Her shadow on roofs
Harmattan crawled
In the air leaving paw prints of ice

My ears grew deaf to
The cry of crickets
My skin numb to
Mosquito bites

I forgot about my
Half empty belly
Where hunger stood pinching;
Asking for more

Clouds of joy
Had visited my home
from South Africa
And rained down her words
My heart was feasting
On the petrichor

My emotions sneaked
Out with my senses and my
thoughts to meet
Her under the tree of poetry

Where was once the playground
Of Kofi Awoonor!
She opened my eyes to
Mzwakhe Mbuli's footprints
Which brightly glowed
At our hideout

I saw in her eyes sparks of
Kofi Awoonor's smiles----
Awoonor is
Not a grieving ghost
Treating gunshot wounds
In an unknown realm

He is a bright star
In the heavenly firmaments
He rejoiced seeing two of
His grandchildren share
Tales under the mighty tree

I wished time was stagnant
So we could forever be together
But sleep stood in our
Respective bedrooms

[after the bye]
I remembered her novel
And her Mom
To whom she had talked about me:
Like a Sepedi lullaby
These thoughts brought me sleep

Her last words followed
Me into my dream
I now wished
Time ran like light
For this prophecy to be fulfilled

"We shall be great."
She had prophesied
Sarpong Kumankoma


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