Friday, 12 June 2015


Ananse has woven
His webs inside the shrine
The trees are raining leaves
Onto the holy roof

Maame Afua
The staff I bear shivers in fear
Shrinking at the sight of Nana's tears

His heart is feasting on thorns
Yearning for your magical
Fingers to bring him relief

Why have you stuffed your ears
With hard wax
Proof to the summoning voice
Of the gods?

Are you waiting for  them
To draw their swords?

Their wrath is
The cry of a million flashed arrows
Swarming to devour a pinpoint

What is to be said
I have said
What is to be heard
Hovers over your head---
And it all depends on your ears

(my mouth is buried in refuse)
Should Nana enter the
Fathomless dark pit a bachelor
May the falling Wawa of Sibinso
Land on your head

©Sarpong Kumankoma

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  1. I just can't stop enjoying this piece! Okumankoma! #Pem K)! §KofiAcquah§