Saturday, 23 May 2015


Time speaks:
In those days..
White faced--yet faceless
Monsters sat behind
The evil walls of their

Their eyes flamed red
In envy to char
the beauty Of Africa--

Their lips carved
An ugly image of Africa
And their hearts
Swell painfully with
Hateful air to trumpet
Demeaning anthems for Africa--

They fanned
Africa's conflicts to
Blaze wilder and devour
And called her
The land of undying wars

They robbed
Africa of her wealth
And built their cities of gold
And changed
The location of hell
To Africa---
And nicknamed her the land
Of eternal torments

They saw
The beauty of
The Sahara and the Kalahari
And her Savannahs
Their fathers married her Safari
The reason why they
Called her the land of drought
Whiles her rainforests
Drank a million million
Gallons of rains
In a second----

They saw her villages
Dance in the heart of
Friendly jungles
They called
her children
Apes and Monkeys
Inhabiting tree tops
But none called
Them pigs----

They saw
Africans eat wisely their
Starry staples
And never got obese
So they called them

Africa grieved
Over her wasted womb--
Wounded womb--
O her children--blinded--
Bound by deceitful chains
In a dark dungeon
Of colonialism
They knew her not......

An African Child speaks:
Woka ntam gu amenam
A epue......
Wopam Ohufo
A woto ne barima

Mama your tears
Travelled to the dungeon
To eat away my
In it I have swam to you
Your tears have
Broken down their walls
Their Iniquities
exposed to daylight

I have come to dry your tears
To sing your goodness
Which the aliens
Knew but uttered it altered
To disgrace

To every liver
There is attached
Bitingly bitter bile----
O children of Africa

No more shall
Africa's plenty be called famine
No longer shall
Our peace be called war
We shall no more
See the poverty in our riches

To every liver
There is attached
Taste killing bile
O children of Africa

No longer
Shall our souls
Be held captive by their lies
No longer shall
we see disease as our
maternal cousin
Africa's beauty
We shall forever sing

Mama Africa
I have come to dry your
Cry no more

To every liver
There's attached
A bile------
Mama I shall
Make the delight
In your liver conquer
The atmosphere of
All lands.....

(This poem can
Never be ended
Let me leave it abandoned)

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