Friday, 18 December 2015


to AJ
Long have I walked
Behind the smiling rainbow
Seeking to find your
Name embroidered in
Her glamorous garment

Long have I walked
On the golden moon
Seeking to find your
Name engraved on
Her glowing face

Long have I roved
Through the garden
Thornless roses amidst
The cheer of tulips
Seeking to find your name
Written on their petals

I offered my ears
To the nightingale's song
Dreaming to hear
Your name in its echoes

And to the silent
Wind that tickles the ears
Telling nocturnal tales

For your beauty is of an unfading rainbow
Of all the flowers whose banquet
Feed butterflies and bees
Of the golden moon who gives
Eyes to the blinded night
Of the nightingale whose song
Echoes angelic orchestras
And the cold wind whose
Lullabies bring sleep at night

Now that your honeyed tongue
Spat it into my ears
I have had my heart stained
Indelibly with its sweetness
As I dream knowing you more . . .
©Sarpong Kumankoma