Sunday, 24 May 2015


(an unsung song)
In your eyes I see
A million twinkling stars
Singing praises
To the God of creation

Your nose is
A heavenly trumpet
Sounding appellations
To the God of life

Your smile
Is a rainbow shielding
Thirty-one glistering
diamonds  mourning

The smile that fuels
My dream to weld
Dentistry to poetry---

By  poetry I shall carve
Your statue from
The moon--
And paint your portrait
With the the stars

I shall  spread your presence
In the air that
You can fill me with life

I shall teach birds
To sing your name
For flowers to write it to the world

By dentistry I shall replace
Your lost diamond
With pure gold
So I can live joyfully in the
Comfort of your smiles


©Sarpong Kumankoma


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