Thursday, 25 June 2015

Slow Suicide

Slow Suicide
liquor has dressed
my face in his make-ups
My soul grieves over
The photograph of
my life--
My brain has sublimed
Leaving traces of
Flashback bouncing
In my head
laughing me to scorn
Surrounded by
an army of guilt
I murdered my dignity
I wounded the heart
of my future--
The very future which
I yesterday saw
With a friendly smile
Has deserted me today

I hear Mama's soprano
In harmony with papa's bass
Echoing cries from
the graveyard
O I wish I could wish
I had followed
the right path they
cleared for me
And not this path
to "nsadwaase"
Behind which lies
Tools of self destruction

The farms they
left for me
Have been devoured
by weeds
The thatch of the hut
I inherited leaks like a collander
I sold my belly to hunger
My comfort
to the weather
All for a bottle
of akpeteshie

Death hangs
over my head ready
to knock me
into infinite sleep
Earlier than destiny scheduled
Let none blame
the innocent witches

©Sarpong Kumankoma

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